Celtic and Norse/Other Deity

Celtic Deity:


Brigid – Goddess of Healing, Fertility, Inspiration, and Crafts

Cernunnos – The Horned God, The consort, The Universal Father

Cerridwen – Goddess of the Moon, Harvest, and Inspiration

Herne – God of Death and the Underworld

Morrigan – Goddess of War, Vegetation, Queen of Demons

Ogma – Deity of Language and Inspiration


Norse/Other Deity:


Aradia – Italian Deity known as Queen of the Witches, and Protector of Witches

Astarte – Middle East Goddess of Love, War, and Protection of Witches

Freyja/Freya – Goddess of Love and Fertility

Thor – Champion of the Gods, God of Thunderstorms and Life Force

Nox – Goddess of the Night

The Venus of Willendorf – Ancient Fertility Goddess

Odin – God of War, Death, Poetry, Wisdom, and Magick

Njord – God of Wind, Sea, Wealth and Prosperity

Frigg – Goddess of Marriage, Motherhood, and Home

Tyr – Deity of Justice and War

Heimdall – Watchman of the Gods

Balder/Baldur – Deity of Light and Purity

Loki – Malicious trickster Deity

Hel – Goddess of Death

Jormungand – Serpent encompassing the world

Fenrir – The wolf


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Hindu and Buddhist Deity

Hindu Deity:


Agni – Fire Deity

Brhama – Creation Deity

Durga – Mother Goddess

Ganesha – Elephant headed Goddess

Hanuman – Monkey God

Indra – Deity of War

Kali – Goddess of Earth, Nature, and Destruction

Kirshna – Deity of Love

Lakshmi – Deity of Fortune and Beauty

Sarasuati – Deity of Language and Wisdom

Siva/Shiva – God of Change, Transformation, and Destruction

Vishnu – God of Preservation and Light


Buddhist Deity:


Buddha – The Awakened One

Maitreya – The Future Buddha

Quan Yin – Goddess of Mercy



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Egyptian Deity

Amun/Amon/Amen/Atum/Ra/Re – God of the Sun and of Creation

Anubis – God and Judge of the Dead

Bastet/Bast – Goddess of the Sun and Pleasure

Geb – Deity of Earth

Hathor – Goddess of Beauty, Motherhood, Love, and Pleasure

Horus – Solar God, Deity of Earth, also known as Avenger of Evil

Isis – Mother Goddess, and Deity of the Underworld

Nephthys – Goddess of Earth and Fertility

Nut/Nuit – Goddess of Sky

Osiris – God of the Underworld, Fertility, Resurrection, and Vegetation

Ptah – God of Creation, Creator of Amon

Thoth/Djeheuty – God of the Moon, Writing, and Wisdom

Set/Seth – God of Chaos, Trickery, and Evil


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Roman Deity

Ceres – Goddess of Agriculture, Harvest, and Fertility

Diana – Goddess of Fertility, Hunting. Also known as the Lady of the Lake.

Fortuna – Goddess of Fortune and Fate

Janus – God of Beginnings and Doorways

Juno – Goddess of Women, Marriage, and the Moon

Jupiter – God of the Sky, King of the Roman Gods

Luna – Goddess of the Moon

Mars – God of War and Agriculture 

Mercury – God of Travel, Communication, Thought, and Commerce. Also known as Messenger of the Gods

Neptune – God of the Sea

Pluto – God of Death and the Underworld

Venus – Goddess of Love, Fertility, Beauty, and Sexuality

Minerva – Goddess of Wisdom, Crafts, and War

Saturn – Ruler of the Titans

Bacchus – God of Wine, Fertility, and Ecstasy

Cupid – God of Love

Proserpina – Goddess of Grain

Uranus – God of the Heavens

Ops – Mother Earth


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Greek Deity

Aphrodite – Goddess of Love, Sexuality, and Beauty

Apollo – God of Healing, Poetry, and Light. 

Artemis – Goddess of Hunting, The Moon, Chasity, and Women

Athena – Goddess of Wisdom, Crafts, and War

Demeter – Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility

Dionysus – God of Wine, Life Force, and Instinct

Eros – God of Love

Gaea/Rhea – Mother Earth

Hades – God of Death, Wealth, and of the Underworld

Hectate – Goddess of Magick and the Moon

Hera – Wife of Zeus, Queen of the Gods, Goddess of Home and Hearth

Hermes – God of Communication, Thought, Travel, Commerce, known as the Messenger of the Gods

Pan – God of Nature, Wilderness, Wild Animals, and Shepherds

Persephone – Goddess of Fertility, Harvest, Spring, and Grain

Zeus – King of the Gods, Sky God

Ares – God of War

Cronus – Ruler of the Titans

Hephaestuis – God of Fire

Hestia – Goddess of Hearth and Home

Poseidon – God of the Sea

Uranus – God of the Heavens


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Deity associated with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

Deity associated with Uranus:


Pan – God of Nature (E)

Uranus – Greek deity also known as Father Sky (A)


Deity associated with Neptune:


Dylan/Llyr – Celtic Deity also known as the Sea God (W)

Njord – Norse Deity known as the God of Sea and Wind (W)

Poseidon/Neptune – Olympian Deity also known as the God of the Sea (W)


Deity associated with Pluto:


Don – Celtic Deity also known as the Queen of the Heavens (W)

Hades – Olympian Deity of Death and Wealth, also known as the God of the Underworld (F)

Hag – Faery Deity also known as the Queen of the Dead (E)

Hel – Norse Deity of Death and the Underworld (E)

Osiris – Egyptian Deity of the Underworld and Resurrection (E)

Persephone – Olympian Deity of Fertility, the Harvest, and Spring (E)

Scathach – Celtic Deity also known as She who strikes fear (W)


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Deity associated with Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn

Another simple list of Deity associated with planets


Deity associated with Mars:


Ares/Mars – Olympian God of War (F)

Blue God – Faery God also known as The Light of The World (F)

Gwynn Op Nudd – Celtic Deity also known as the King of Faeries in the underworld (F)

Horus – Egyptian God of the sky (F)

Oghma – Celtic Deity also known as the honey-mouthed God (F)

Samael – Angelic being know as the Angel of Poisin (F)

Surtur – Norse Deity also known as the Lord of the fire giants (F)

Tyr – Norse Deity known as a God of Courage and Strategy (F)


Deity associated with Jupiter:


Amon – Egyptian Deity of Creation, Sun, and Wind (A)

Enlil – Sumerian Deity of the Air (A)

Nvada – Celtic Deity known as the Silver Hand (A)

Sachiel/Sahagiel – Anelic being also know as The Covering God (W)

Thor – Norse Deity of Thunder and Lightning (A)

Winter King – Faery Deity known as The Dark Lord (A)

Zeus/Jupiter – Olympian Deity and King of the Gods also known as The Father of Gods and Mortals (A)


Deity associated with Saturn:


Arawn – Celtic God of the Underworld

Bran the Blessed – Celtic God of Prophecy

Cassiel – Angel of Temperance

Dagda – Celtic Deity also know as The Good God

El – Canaanite Deity also known as Cronus

Nammu – Sumerian Goddess of the Primeval Sea

Osiris – Egyptian Deity also known as The God of Life and Death

Ptah – Egyptian Deity believed to be the Creator

Rhea/Cybele – Olympian Earth Goddess

Saturn/Kronos/Cronus – Olympian Deity also known as the God of Agriculture

Set/Seth – Egyptian Deity known as the God of Chaos

Star Goddess – Faery Deity also known as The Black Virgin, or The Outer Dark



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Deity Associated With The Moon

More references of Deity, this time associated with the Moon.


Aegir – Norse God of the ocean (W)

Arianrhod – Celtic God of reincarnation (A)

Artemis/Diana – Olympian Goddess of the lake, also known as the Huntress (E)

Athirat – Canannite Goddess of the sea, also know as Lady of the sea (W)

Attis – Olympian Goddess of Vegetation (E)

Bast – Egyptian Goddess of cats and light (F)

Bladevwedd – Celtic Deity known as the ninefold Goddess (W)

Boann – Celtic Goddess of the river Boyne (W)

Cerridwenn – Celtic Moon Goddess (E)

Crone – The Crone aspect of the Celtic Triple Goddess (E)

Dagon – Canaanite Goddess of water (E)

Eastre – Norse Goddess of Spring (W)

Elaine – The Maiden aspect of the Celtic Triple Goddess (W)

Frigga/Frigg – Norse Queen of the Gods (W)

Gabriel – Arch Angel (W)

Great Mother – Also known as Diana in Faery Traditions (W)

Hectate/Carmenta – Olympian Goddess of crossroads (E)

Hera/Juno – Olympian Goddess of marriage (E)

Hermaphroditus – A Greek God (W)

Idunna – Norse Goddess of Innocence (E)

Isis – Egyptian Goddess of Fertility (W)

Luna/Celen – Olympian Goddess of the Moon (W)

Macha – The Mother aspect of the Celtic Triple Goddess (E)

Manannan Mac Lir – Celtic Lord of the mists (W)

Morrigan – Celtic supreme War Goddess (W)

Ninhursag – Sumerian Goddess of the Earth (E)

Nephthyl – Egyptian protector of the dead (E)

Gabriel – Arch Angel (A)

Nyx/Nox Olympian Goddess of the night (W)

Persephone – Olympian Queen of the Underworld (E)

Rhiannon – Celtic Goddess of birds and horses (E)

Sirtur – Sumerian Goddess of sleep (E)

Thoth/Djeheuty – Egyptian God of knowledge (A)


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Deity Associated With The Sun, Mercury, and Venus

A list of deity associaed with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Also the Element that each deity represents will be represented with (E) for Earth, (F) for Fire, (W) for Water, or (A) for Air.

I am by no means attempting to list every deity associated to any one planet. These notes are merely some of the main deity related to each planet. I dont go into as much detail as i have in my bos for the simple reason that i intend for seekers to search for the details themselves. 🙂

Deity associated with the Sun.

AN – Sumerian God of Heaven. (F)

Angus MAc Og – Celtci god of love. (F)

Apollo – Olympian musician of the Gods. (F)

Baal – Canaanite God also know as Helios (F)

Baider – Norse God of light.  (F)

Bel – Celtic Sun and fire God. (F)

Creiddylad – Celtoc Goddess of the Summerland. (F)

Frey – Norse Gode of sunlight (F)

Harvest Lord – Faery corn King.

Michael – Angelic being sometimes refered to an an Arch Angel. (F)

Odur – Norse God of the Sun. (F)

RA/RE/Atum/Amon – Egyptian Sun God and God of creation. (F)

Selchmet – Egyptian God known as the mighty one. (F)

Deity associated with Mercury

Anubis – Egyptian Judge of the dead. (E)

Cernunnos – Celtic God also known as Herne, The Hunter, and Pan among other names. (E)

Enki – Sumerian God of sweet waters. (A)

Hag – Faery Queen of the dead. (E)

Hectate/Carmenta – Olympian Goddess OF crossroads. (E)

Hel – Norse Goddess of the Underworld and death. (E)

Hermes/Mercury – Olympian messenger of the Gods. (A)

Lugh – Celtic God known as Lugh of the long arm. (A)

Maat – Egyptian Goddess of truth and order. (A)

Morrigan – Celtic supreme war Goddess. (W)

Nike – Olympian Goddess of victory. (A)

Odin – Norse God known as the All Father. (A)

Raphael – Angelic being known as an Arch angel. (A)

Deity associated with Venus

Aphrodite/Venus – Olympian Goddess of Love. (W)

Asherah – Canaanite Goddess of Love. (F)

Aurie/Uriel – Angelic being also known as an Arch Angel. (E)

Bes – Egyptian Goddess of Luck.  (W)

Branowen – Celtic Goddess of Love and beauty. (W)

Brighid – Celtic Goddess of fire, healing and smithcraft. (FW)

Corn Maiden – Faery God known as the Spring Queen. (W)

Dionysus/Bacchus – Olymian God of the vine. (W)

Eros/Cupid – Olympian God of Love. (F)

Freya – Norse Goddess of love and fertility. (W)

Hathor – Egyptian Sky Goddess. (W)

Hestie/Vesta – Olympian Godess known as the Virgin. (F)

Inanna/Ishtar – Sumerian Queen of the Sky. (A)

Ninlil – Sumerian God of grain. (E)

Planetary Correspondence

I use a simple planetary correspondence guide in my book of shadows, to remind me which days are best for working with specific energies. Whenever i am planning a spell or another magickal working, I always try to check these references in order to line things up for an increase in the overall success and potency.


Sun – Sunday – Yellow – Health, abundance, healing, hope, prosperity, confidence.

Moon – Monday – White – Agriculture, domestic matters, life, medicine, travels, visions.

Mars – Tuesday – Red – Courage, war, destination, strength, power.

Mercury – Wednesday – Purple – Writing, eloquence, conjurations, predictions, knowledge.

Jupiter – Thursday – Blue – Luck, healing, religion, trade/employment, treasure, honor, wealth, legal matters.

Venus – Friday – Green – Love, friendships, affection, partnerships, money, sex.

Saturn – Saturday – Black – Responsibilities, protection, finding family, building, meditation, magic, life, doctrines.


Magick, in my opinion, is by no means meant to be restricted to certain days, however due to lunar and planetary reasons/alignments it may indeed be more potent some days than others. This above list is by no means complete and i suggest if you are using such a chart that you regularly update it as you progress in your craft. Just remember that ones needs and intent should always be the main factors considered before/during the performance of magick, no matter what position the stars, sun, moon, and planets are in! 


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